from our family to yours


What started as a food trailer in beautiful Humboldt County, CA has turned into a family-operated vegan, vegetarian, food manufacturing venture. We started our food trailer, Simmer Down Caribbean Cafe, in 2015 with the goal of feeding people healthy Caribbean-style feel good food. We made all of our dishes from scratch using as many local, healthy, organic, and GMO-free ingredients we could find. After not being able to find the right sauces or veggie burgers that would pair well with our menu and values, we decided to make our own. In the first 2 months, people were asking to buy our chickpea cashew burgers, the first in our Nattyburger line. There was also a demand for our house-made hot sauces, jerk sauce, salad dressings, and aioli, so we began to start selling our sauces too. In March of 2018, we decided to change directions, close the trailer,  and go into manufacturing full-time. We now sell our Burn Babylon Hot Sauces & Marinades, Fabayo vegan mayo, and Nattyburgers to retailers and restaurants, and directly to you and your family online.



The Gaskins Family